What is Arduino??

Arduino hardware was used in electronics for making various projects. Arduino is a credit card-sized open-source electronics platform. Arduino’s are based on the two easy-to-use things Software and Hardware. the Arduino itself hardware and Arduino uses software for programming.

Here’s how the Arduino looks:-

What is Arduino

Why Arduino is popular?

Before the presence of Arduino the students, hobbyists, or professionals who have a great interest in electronics, they have to buy several components to make a project and still the project can’t be designed according to the maker of the project, because sometimes the components are not available according to the requirement of the project. So, to overcome this problem the Arduino was designed by Ivrea Interaction Design Institute. Now, due to the presence of Arduino students, hobbyists or the professionals can make various projects according to their requirements. Now, the students simply make a code according to their requirements and upload it to the Arduino. Arduino was very easy to operate and it meets the requirements of the user and it becomes very popular.

Software to upload the code on Arduino:- 

Arduino IDE Software is used to make and upload the code on the Arduino. Arduino IDE Software supports Embedded C language. The embedded c language is most commonly the same as C or c++. In the Arduino ide software, there are so many inbuilt codes like- Blinking of led, servo motor test, stepper motor test, etc.

Arduino Ide software interface:- 


Link to download the Arduino ide 👇🏻👇🏻



Parts of Arduino:-

Various Boards in Arduino Family are:-

  • Arduino UNO

  • Arduino mega

Arduino Mega

  • Arduino nano

  • Arduino lilypad

  • RedBoard

  • Arduino Leonardo


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