Various Arduino Sensors

To make various projects with Arduino we have to attach the various types of input-output sensors with Arduino. The sensors are of types of Analog and Digital. Digital sensors give the value 0 or 1 and the Analog Sensors give values from 0 to 1023. In today’s world, there are almost 90% digital input-output sensors, as they are much more accurate as compared to analog sensors.

Sensors Pin Configuration:-

In most of the sensors, there are three pins Vcc, Gnd and the third is an analog or digital pin. In some sensors, there are more than three pins that we discuss later in this post.

Various types of sensors are:-

1.Flame Sensor

As you can see in this flame sensor there are three pins Vcc, Gnd and Digital pin

When any flame comes in the range of this sensor the sensor detects the flame and by using this sensor we can make flame detector alarm

2.Rain Sensor

This sensor detects the water and when the waterfalls on the module the sensor sends the output

by using this sensor we can make Rain Detector Alarm by Fixing the module on the top of the roof and when the rain comes the buzzer beeps.

3.Motion Sensor

As the name tells this sensor detects the motion. This sensor has two potentiometers to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.

By using this sensor we can make projects like- Security system, Motion detected light On-Off, etc.

4.Ultrasonic Sensor

This is an Ultrasonic Sensor used to make projects like Distance Measuring Machine, Obstacle Avoiding Machine, etc.

But this sensor has four pins Vcc, Trig, Echo, GND.

    5. RFID Sensor

This sensor is used to make security projects like:-Door Lock Open with rfid card .

But this sensor consists of several pins The two pins power pins and all the remaining pins are data input or output pins.

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