Arduino VS Raspberry pi

[table id=4 /] So, at the end, if you are a beginner simply go with the Arduino. When you are experienced enough then go with the Rasperry pi because it was a bit difficult to operate and used to make advanced level projects.

What is Raspberry Pi?

In simple words, the Raspberry pi is a small computer. The size of a Raspberry pi is like the size of a credit card. Basically, the Raspberry pi is a CPU. They are so many ports to connect the various input-output devices with it. Like they have USB ports, Lan cable port, audio jack, display … Read more

Various Arduino Sensors

To make various projects with Arduino we have to attach the various types of input-output sensors with Arduino. The sensors are of types of Analog and Digital. Digital sensors give the value 0 or 1 and the Analog Sensors give values from 0 to 1023. In today’s world, there are almost 90% digital input-output sensors, … Read more

What is Arduino??

Arduino hardware was used in electronics for making various projects. Arduino is a credit card-sized open-source electronics platform. Arduino’s are based on the two easy-to-use things Software and Hardware. the Arduino itself hardware and Arduino uses software for programming. Here’s how the Arduino looks:- Why Arduino is popular? Before the presence of Arduino the students, … Read more